Social Media Marketing

Advertise on social media like Facebook and Twitter. If your customers are spending a lot of time of social media, so should you.

More than ever before customers and potential customers are reaching out to and searching for companies on social media, and expect to be able to communicate directly with businesses through the likes of Twitter and Facebook.

Social media marketing should be a key part of your online marketing campaign, not just to drive traffic but also to create brand awareness, and potentially increase sales.

We can help you with this. The services we offer for social media marketing include:

–    analysis of social media accounts
–    Paid social media management
–    Analytics of social media marketing and social media activity
–    Analysis of competitors to help you better understand the market and what your customers are looking for
–    Help in creating social media strategy including advice on day-to-day communications planning, community creating, writing and posting
–    We can also create images and logos to improve your image on social media

Contact us now if you have any questions, or want to get your social media campaign up and running!

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