Video marketing shows your video ad on YouTube either at the start of another video, in the search results or in the “up next” section, as well as throughout the display network.

Video advertising on YouTube is a great way to reach potential customers with interactive and engaging adverts.

YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google, with over 1 billion unique users every month. Creating engaging video advertisements allows you to reach clients and customers in a whole different way.

There are three different ways in which we can help you to advertise on YouTube, and you can choose one or a mix of all three. Each one is highly customizable and we can target specific audiences based on geographical location, language, and interests, amongst others.

YouTube In-Stream Ads (TRUEVIEW):

These adverts are similar to traditional TV adverts, and are shown before, during or after another video being watched on YouTube. Viewers see five seconds of your promoted video, and then can keep watching or skip it. You only pay when a viewer watches your whole video to the end, or at least 20 seconds of it.

In-Display Ads (TRUEVIEW):

In-Display Ads appear alongside other YouTube videos, or on websites within the Google Display Network based on your selection of keywords. You only pay when a viewer chooses to watch your video.

YouTube In-Search Ads:

In-Search Ads appear in the search results when a viewer searches for a topic matching your keywords or targets, just as in a search engine. It will appear in the promoted section of search results on YouTube and in Google video results. Again, you only pay when a user chooses to watch your video.

If you are interested in setting up a video marketing campaign, contact our specialist team now to find out how.

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