Your website is your best business card, and we can create a responsive website custom designed to suit your services.

As part of our communications services, our marketing and design team can redesign anything from your logo to your entire website, as well as promotional banners and videos. We can also host your website and register a domain name.

A landing page is the page you want your visitors to enter your website through. Getting traffic to your website is easy; but you need a well designed landing page in order for them to stay on your site and to be convinced to make a purchase or fill out a form.

When you design a website and a landing page for paid traffic searches, there are four things to keep in mind that can help to influence conversions:

–    Easy site navigation
–    Website loading speed
–    Optimized for mobiles
–    Calls to action

We can help to improve your site navigation, layout and design to set the foundations for a successful online marketing campaign. We can track performance with analytics and Adwords so you can see what parts of your site are working well and which parts are not.

To discuss website design, hosting and redesign, contact our specialist teams today.

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